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Porta Bauelemente - Windows - Doors - Made in Germany

Professionalism is a quality feature. As a manufacturer of advanced PVC windows and doors, we have the necessary knowledge and technical know-how to find the right solutions and optimal implementation.
Our advanced German windows are built with excellent insulation technology which decreases the power demand of your air conditioning.
Windows made by "Porta Fenster" are a worthwhile investment. The powerful closing device enables a decrease of energy costs verifable up to 50 %. You will use your air conditioner more effectively. Our windows are not only characterized by the power saving option, they also have the ability to insulate from noise, heat, and dust and they prevent even smallest bugs from coming inside. Thus you can rest peacefully and in pure air inside your home.

  Our Windows are completely made in Germany
  Solid glass which due to the double glass option containing Argone can hardly break. This gas stops the leakage of heat and keeps noise and dust out. Also, the strong lock of the window is a reliable guard against bugs. Many facts for best quality coming with the advantage of economical prices.
GFT - German Institute for Foreign Trade. Germany. Egypt.