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Contact: GFT - German Institute for Foreign Trade. Metabo, Räder Vogel, Porta Bauelemente, Fischer fixing Systems. Egypt

  We are the official partner, importer of following German manufacturer:

Metabo (Metabowerke GmbH).
Räder-Vogel GmbH & Co. KG
Porta Bauelemente:
Fischer fixing Systems


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All-purpose vacuum cleaners
Angle polishers Angle polishers
Band files Band files
Belt sanders Belt sanders
Bench grinders Bench grinders
Burnishing machines Burnishing machines
Chipping hammers Chipping hammers
Circular saws Circular saws
Combination hammers Combination hammers
Compact class angle grinders Compact class angle grinders
Cordless angle grinder Cordless angle grinder
Cordless band files Cordless band files
Cordless burnishing machines Cordless burnishing machines
Cordless Circular Saws Cordless Circular Saws
Cordless drill/screwdrivers Cordless drill/screwdrivers
Cordless fillet weld grinder Cordless fillet weld grinder
Cordless hammers Cordless hammers
Cordless hedge trimmers Cordless hedge trimmers
Cordless hedge trimmers Cordless hedge trimmers
Cordless impact drills Cordless impact drills
Cordless impact screwdrivers Cordless impact screwdrivers
Cordless jig-saws Cordless jig-saws
Cordless Jobsite Radio Cordless Jobsite Radio
Cordless lamps Cordless lamps
Cordless sabre saws Cordless sabre saws
Cordless screwdrivers Cordless screwdrivers
Curve shears Curve shears
Die grinders Die grinders
Disc sanders Disc sanders
Drills Drills
Fillet weld grinder Fillet weld grinder
Glue guns Glue guns
Hedge trimmers Hedge trimmers
Hot air guns Hot air guns
Impact drills Impact drills
Intermediate range angle grinders Intermediate range angle grinders
Jigsaws Jigsaws
Magnetic core drills Magnetic core drills
Magnetic core drills Magnetic core drills
Metal chop saw Metal chop saw
Multihammers Multihammers
Multisanders Multisanders
Nibblers Nibblers
Paint removers Paint removers
Planers Planers
Premium range angle grinders Premium range angle grinders
Rotary hammers Rotary hammers
Routers, router and grinder motors Routers, router and grinder motors
Sabre saws Sabre saws
Sanders Sanders
Screwdrivers Screwdrivers
Stirrers Stirrers
Tackers Tackers
Triangular base-plate sanders Triangular base-plate sanders
Tube belt sander Tube belt sander
Wall chasers Wall chasers
Wet polisher Wet polisher
Angle grinders
Band saws Band saws
Blow guns Blow guns
Cartridge guns Cartridge guns
Chip and dust extraction systems Chip and dust extraction systems
Chipping hammers Chipping hammers
Combi-immersion pumps Combi-immersion pumps
Compressed air bar grinder Compressed air bar grinder
Compressed air nail driver / tacker Compressed air nail driver / tacker
Compressors Basic Compressors Basic
Compressors Classic Compressors Classic
Compressors Mega Compressors Mega
Compressors Power Compressors Power
Crosscut and mitre saws Crosscut and mitre saws
Crosscut, mitre and table saws Crosscut, mitre and table saws
Deep well pumps Deep well pumps
Disc sanders Disc sanders
Domestic water works Domestic water works
Domestic water works automatic systems Domestic water works automatic systems
Drills Drills
Flush-mounted circular saws Flush-mounted circular saws
Garden pumps Garden pumps
Grease guns Grease guns
Immersion pumps Immersion pumps
Impact screwdrivers Impact screwdrivers
Large diameter saws Large diameter saws
Mechanical screwdrivers Mechanical screwdrivers
Paint spray guns Paint spray guns
Planing machines Planing machines
Precision circular saws Precision circular saws
Ratchet screwdrivers Ratchet screwdrivers
Sandblasting units Sandblasting units
Sewage Water Immersion Pumps Sewage Water Immersion Pumps
Site circular saws Site circular saws
Spray guns Spray guns
Table saws Table saws
Tyre inflation measuring devices Tyre inflation measuring devices
Washing and cleaning guns Washing and cleaning guns

 Räder Vogel:
    Institutional Wheels and Castors
    Press-on Tyres
    Stainless Steel Castors
    Electrically Conductive Castors
    Conveyor Rollers
    Pallet Rollers
    Flanged and Grooved Wheels
    Solid Rubber
    HSHL® (HighSpeedHighLoad®)
    Wheels and Castors for Industrial Trucks
    Heavy-Duty Wheels / Heavy-Duty Castors
        Modular Heavy-Duty Castor System
    Custom Designs
    New Wheels and Castors

Fischer Fixing Systems
The customer takes centre stage - our competent team is available for consultations and solutions.
Our team consists of a group of ten persons, who will assist you in consultancy, sales and service matters.

Moustafa Hegazy
(German Masters degree in economics)
Mobile: +20 (0) 12 2571299

Vice Chairman:
Eng. Mohamed Hassan
Mobile: + 20 (0) 17 8843766

General Manager:
Anwar Salah el Din (BsC in accounting)
Mobile: +20 (0) 12 4815985

Azouz Saber Saad
Telefon: +20 (0) 110601333
Sales Manager:

Hatem Kamal
Mobile: +20 (0) 14 500 3360
Sales Agents:
Abdelrahman Farouk
Mobile: +20 (0) 14 500 3361
Mahmoud Elsakka
Mobile: +20 (0) 14 500 3362

Amr ibrahim sayed
Mobile: +20 (0) 14 500 3360
via. Mr. Hatem Kamal
Sales Manager:
Mohamed Abdel Hamid Elhatabawy
Mobile: +20 (0) 11 060 1330

Sales Agents:
Mohamed Khalaf Gayed
Mobile: +20 (0) 11 060 1331

Mohamed Khalaf Allah
Mobile: +20 (0) 11 060 1331

Samir Waleed Hassanein
Mobile: +20 (0) 110053133
Main Office:
76, El Gomhorya Street
Mamr Abualgoukh - sixth floor
Ramses - Cairo - Egypt
Phone: +20 (0)2 25880188
Telefax: +20 (0)2 25910091
55, El Nady el Riady Street
Giza – Egypt
Phone: +20 (0)2 35691787
Telefax: +20 (0)2 35691297